Maximize your existing tools and systems to get where you’re going faster.

Use what you have, to get what you need, all while maintaining flexibility

Transformation can be tough. Data is exploding, systems are aging out, and new technology launches all the time. Businesses are expected to do more with fewer resources.

Did you know that most companies are utilizing only about 30% of the potential power of their digital transformation investments? That’s often because the applications are implemented as point solutions. For many of our customers, the answer to their transformation puzzle is there – but they lack the resources or skillset to bring it together.

Being technology agnostic, we work with a breadth of platforms and industry solutions. Complemented with our Data Services such as Process and Data mining initiatives, we focus on maximizing your existing tools and systems, customizing as needed, and bringing in the right partners if necessary. And we do this while maintaining scalability and flexibility, thereby accelerating the path to the desired outcome.

Our transformation services expertise

Process & Data mining initiatives complemented by an integrated DX framework provide accelerated business outcomes. Our team of experienced transformation experts can help accelerate your business outcomes:

Process Mining / Simplification

Analyzing processes based on event logs, process mapping, and workflow analysis, we simplify and drive efficiencies while ensuring compliance.


Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence – we automate key tasks and processes to maximize savings and free up your people to focus on other complex responsibilities.

Continuous Intelligence

Analyzing real-time analytics, we design, visualize, and integrate dashboards into business operations, driving insight and decisions for real-time business needs and future business direction.

Connected Fabric

Applying our Data Services, we enable data utilization across your company, weaving it together with your digital solutions and eliminating disparate silos.

Leverage your technology debt to move forward

When left unchecked, Technology Debt can hobble even the most progressive and forward-looking businesses. It goes beyond the sunk costs of hardware and software and bleeds its way through the inefficient processes, redundant steps, and unnecessary work created by outdated and patchwork technology systems.

At Aligned Automation, we specialize in “getting” the whole scope of your Technology Debt, and then working with you to create both a strategic and tactical plan of attack to maximize your ecosystem and investments.

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