Your complete confidence in a fully managed digital


We execute redesigned and digitally enabled processes – so you don’t have to

Digital transformations can be ongoing and evolving processes. As technology improves and data grows, you need the right people in place to continue to evaluate your processes and manage your bots.

Our team is equipped to continue running your integrated solution – fine tuning processes, updating technology, and managing resources – giving you complete confidence in an optimized environment. With our people engaging the right teams and managing the post-transformation “day-to-day” of overseeing dashboards and driving efficiencies, your internal talent can remain focused on moving the business forward.

Our run services expertise

You can feel secure knowing Aligned Automation will run your solution, enabling the following outcomes:

Seamless Engagement

We work jointly with IT and the business to provide measurable transformative outcomes and comprehensive solutions that add value to core business and IT operations. We operate in seamless engagements with all teams – working, communicating, and collaborating to provide those outcomes.

Productive Output

Managing the post transformation day-to-day, we drive continued efficiency gains at the core business level, encouraging greater innovation and streamlined operations, and leading to increase revenue.

Business focus

Partnering with us for Run Services allows your internal top talent to focus on your key initiatives and driving the business forward. Allow our team to drive elements such as managing data and processes, creating and reporting via dashboards and proactive management cockpits, developing and managing bots, and troubleshooting and optimizing the environment when necessary.

Establishing a Digital Culture

When we join with you for our Run Services, you can rest assured that a digital mindset will resonate across your business. The future is digital – and our experts instill that approach within your company’s culture.

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