Our edge, your advantage.

Our Center of Excellence offers businesses proven and uniquely tailored solutions and services. We empower our clients to successfully transform their business into a truly digital enterprise and ensure a faster return on investment.

PATIO Assessments

Align your digital transformation strategy. Leverage what’s out there.

We assess your objectives and infrastructure to jointly create a blueprint for data transformation that best fits technology and tools to your journey.


Leverage Machine Learning to understand patterns and
interpret them into actionable insights.


Use Robotic Process Automation to minimize human
errors and improve business efficiency.


Enable Natural Language Processing to fill communication gaps and enable
accurate decision making.


Use data and process mining to surface valuable insights from raw data.


Optimize business processes using Machine Learning and Business Process Management
solutions designed for digital enterprises

SWAT Teams

Scale your insights. Focus and speed where it matters.

We provide a multi-skilled resource pool to complement your DX initiatives, focused on the transformation use cases with the highest impact on the outcomes that matter to you.

Leveraging its deep technology and business expertise, our “So What” Analytical Transformation (SWAT) team will help you surface critical stories from your data, understand them, and use them to guide your organization through your digital transformation journey. We help you pinpoint relevant trends and patterns and implement the right actions so you can successfully create new opportunities, mitigate risks, optimize business efficiencies, and minimize costs.

Fast 90 Executions

Accelerate your outcomes because QBRs don’t wait.

We apply our discovery and execution methodology designed to accelerate an organization’s digital transformation via quick, measurable wins that are informed by data and powered by technology.

90-day Iterative Cycles