Why is Data Translation critical to accelerating outcomes?

Producing a mathematically correct output that yields no additional intelligence relative to the business outcome is an academic exercise at best, and a waste of expensive resources at worst. Analytical outputs must be quickly interpreted and prioritized in order to transcend from the analytical processing of data to the generation of actionable business insights. Otherwise:

When the business problem is not understood by the modelers, the model’s design will be flawed

When the business stakeholders don’t understand the analytical output, no intelligence is generated

When the analytical outputs are misinterpreted, either the wrong decisions will be made or the confidence in the model will be lost

When the bar for defining business insights is low, valuable intelligence may get lost in excessive reports

When the business insights are not effectively prioritized, the impact on business outcomes will be slow

When the technical and operational experts don’t collaborate, digital transformation will fail

Aligned Automation’s Data Translation services

Continuously align the model’s design to the business need and effectively leverage the analytical outputs by building a two-way bridge between the technical and the operational stakeholders. This includes:
  • Engaging business stakeholders to define the desired business outcome
  • Collecting and communicating relevant business rules to analytical modelers
  • Providing insights on the data inputs and connections that could enhance the model’s value
  • Providing direction on the data outputs that are expected from the model
  • Interpreting analytical outputs relative to their impact on the business outcome
  • Consolidating business insights (i.e., business intelligence that is new, timely, actionable and impactful)
  • Prioritizing business insights for review and execution

Co-elevating through our
Data Translation Services

We collaborate with technical and operational stakeholders to combine the knowledge of domain experts with the power of digital technologies and reach conclusions on:
  • What are the business implications?
  • What business elements need attention?
  • Where is the business heading?
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