Why is Data Science critical to accelerating outcomes?

Producing analytical outputs that make full use of Big Data as a source requires a much bigger engine than what the brain power of the best data analysts armed with spreadsheets could possibly offer. As data volume continues to grow, so does the complexity of interrelationships, making it necessary for data to be modeled and analyzed with the help of newer technologies. Otherwise:

When an analytical model is not used, interrelationships across data can become hard to keep track of

When the analysis of unstructured data is manual, the analytical process can’t be scaled

When only basic statistics are available, finding patterns relies on trial and error

When only a limited set of hypotheses can be tested, systematic issues may remain undetected

When business conditions change, just understanding the past may not inform the future

When data analysis is purely descriptive and diagnostic, it’s hard to move beyond the low-hanging fruit

Aligned Automation’s Data Science services

Interrogate large volumes of structured and unstructured data to reveal patterns, increase predictive accuracy and produce prescriptive outputs. This includes:
  • Defining the questions that a model should address
  • Selecting the appropriate tool and model
  • Identifying the data to be fed into the model
  • Calibrating the analytical models
  • Incorporating unstructured (free text) data through natural language processing (NLP)
  • Uncovering complex patterns in large datasets through machine learning (ML)
  • Making predictions on categories (classification) or values (regression)
  • Prescribing optimal action paths

Co-elevating through our Data Science services

We collaborate with data scientists, business analysts and other business stakeholders to leverage advanced analytical models, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, available tools and domain expertise to guide model design and execution by aligning:
  • What business questions is data needed for?
  • Which model captures the need?
  • What enabling technologies are the right fit?
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