Why is Data Governance critical to accelerating outcomes?

Demonstrating the impact of the end-to-end data journey on business outcomes is an investment that only works if it can be efficiently replicated over time and scaled. A well-defined process needs to be in place to add, maintain, control and secure the data over time. Otherwise:

When errors in data creation aren’t automatically detected, data quality will erode all subsequent steps in the journey

When data errors can’t be fixed in a scalable manner, there’s a high risk of accepting poor data quality as the standard

When changes in the sources of data can’t be efficiently incorporated, the transformation of data into actions will lose speed, efficiency or accuracy

When there’s not a process to reconcile data, multiple versions of reality will emerge

When no clear data ownership is assigned, governance processes go rogue and the integrity of the data flow is compromised

Aligned Automation’s Data Governance services

Incorporate digital transformation enablers to achieve scalability in the proactive management of rules and policies regarding the creation, transformation, storage and movement of data across the organization. This includes:
  • Applying artificial intelligence to prevent errors in data entry
  • Applying natural language processing and automation to increase efficiency in populating master data
  • Applying machine learning and automation to sanitize data
  • Using process mining to track compliance and measure exceptions to the established processes
  • Using business process management software to manage credentials, route approvals and maintain traceability

Co-elevating through our
Data Governance Services

We collaborate with IT to set up a sustainable process for managing the end-to-end data flows with the appropriate security levels:
  • How are data access and transformation rights managed?
  • How is data security and sanitization maintained?
  • How are data issues reconciled?
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