Why is Data Engineering critical to accelerating outcomes?

Having a “single source of truth” sounds appealing, but simply having all the data in the same location is no longer enough. Data needs to be easily accessible and effectively prepared to enable its analytical consumption at speed and scale. Otherwise:

When data is hard to find, more critical decisions rely on assumptions and are subject to bias

When data takes long to retrieve, analyses are less frequent which leads to more reactive actions

When data definitions are not available, data gets misused, misinterpreted or simply ignored

When data isn’t enriched, increasing the volume of data may increase complexity instead of value

When data quality can’t be trusted, analytical outputs lack credibility and transformation stops

When data can’t be connected, siloed analyses lead to shallow insights and suboptimal decisions

Aligned Automation’s Data Engineering services

Progressively enable a complete, reliable and usable foundation of data that is ready to be consumed by analytical models at the speed the business requires. This includes:
  • Ingesting data from any source
  • Performing data cleansing and transformations
  • Enriching data for downstream analytics
  • Migrating data to consolidated data repositories
  • Developing end-to-end data pipelines
  • Implementing data quality rules
  • Managing file format conversions
  • Building a data catalogue
  • Building an asset framework

Co-elevating through our
Data Engineering services

We collaborate with IT, data engineers and business stakeholders to quickly understand and achieve a shared visibility on:
  • What data is available?
  • Which data is relevant?
  • How to connect and enrich the data?
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