Why is Data Consumption critical to accelerating outcomes?

Knowing what needs to be done to accelerate business outcomes but failing to get it done can be extremely frustrating for those who can see the path not travelled. Business insights need to be operationalized by enabling a persona-based workflow for tracking, executing and measuring the impact of the necessary actions. Otherwise:

When valuable insights are not easily visible, they can stay buried in long reports

When persona-based workflows are not established, only some users will find the data insightful

When responsibilities are not clearly assigned, work may get either duplicated or forgotten

When impact on business outcomes is not visible, executive support and general motivation drop

When execution is cumbersome, business insights may get ignored

When actions are not executed, there won’t be an impact on business outcomes

Aligned Automation’s Data Consumption services

Communicate business insights to the appropriate stakeholders and enable a persona-based workflow to track, complete and measure action items. This includes:
  • Identifying the relevant personas and mapping their user stories
  • Defining the optimal level of user interactivity
  • Designing the user interface for communicating insights, tracking actions and measuring performance
  • Setting up controls and routing rules for proactive attention of outliers, shifts and discrepancies
  • Facilitating the quick identification and prioritization of action items
  • Controlling “planned vs actual” process flow
  • Controlling “target vs predicted vs. actual” performance

Co-elevating through our
Data Consumption Services

We collaborate with IT and business stakeholders to establish a technology-leveraged process that enables the necessary mechanisms to determine:
  • How are insights visualized?
  • Who needs to do and know what?
  • Are actions effectively closed and outcomes achieved?
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