Do what you love, and continue to learn

We are making a Culture Statement

We are a “Better Together” team of relationship building, outcome driving, and solution innovating pioneers with an insatiable desire to produce breakthrough results.

We are incredibly resilient, never backing down from a challenge. Our success is our customer’s success. We embrace taking calculated risks, learning and trying new approaches, failing forward, and ultimately succeeding.

We do this together, and we do this with integrity.

Our values

Our cultural values define who we are, at our very core. Each employee at Aligned Automation – past, present, and future – embody 4 key values. Each value contributes to our “Better Together” DNA. We place Care at the top of our culture values – care for customers, our coworkers, ourselves, and our world.

We are Caring

We are Curious

We are Collaborative

We are Courageous

Nurture your passions

At Aligned Automation, we want you and your skills to continue to grow. We assign you to projects in roles that align both to your skillset and your intended career path, allowing you to actively learn while flexing your strengths. Here, you are supported and coached wherever you may be in your career journey.