Aligned Automation Approach

Better Together

Accelerating the journey with you.

Our innovative and repeatable approach, combined with our transformation expertise, allows you the flexibility to systematically build the digital journey that fits your business needs.

Outcome Centered


Better Together

We start with the desired outcome first and drive measurable value through alignment with key business performance measures

Thoroughly understand the problem statement and the desired business outcome

Analyze future value and current value drivers

Perform Multi-Dimensional Fit Analysis, Domain Prioritization, and Risk Assessment

Align with IT future-state roadmap / architecture and application portfolio

Assign metrics, KPIs, ROI

Establish governance through a co-elevated COE & Set the path towards a connected intelligence across the business

Key Responsibilities

Key Members

Business Sponsor
Project Manager
Aligned Automation PM
Data PM
Process PM
Automation PM

Persona Based


Transformation built by, for, and around experience journeys through specific business processes

Allows us to define fictional key stakeholders – their role, function, expectations and impacts of the change, and projected experience journey; which gives the ability to forecast and manage…

  • Speed & Scale
  • Process and Tool efficiencies
  • Appropriate representation on COE
  • Insights & Innovation
  • Relevant Goals and KPIs
  • Synergistic Value Capture | across business and IT
  • Change Impact Assessments

Management of Change

Through Management of Change we ensure we understand and address shifts in behavior, mitigate risk, ensure readiness, and embrace adoption

  • Set a vision for the change
  • Understand the culture and acceptance / resistance of change
  • Gain and utilize executive sponsorship
  • Analyze how the change will impact all stakeholders
  • Build a change plan
  • Establish Change Champions & Change Network
  • Communicate and Train
  • Manage, Measure, Evaluate Adoption

Fast90 Rapid Agile Methodology

Utilizing Agile principles, our innovative 90 day approach ensures speed and flexibility to achieve results.

  • Anchored by the prioritized business objectives established in the engagement
  • A best practice standard approach applied to all projects
  • 90 day cycles empower the business to quickly adjust, augment, and scale
  • Flexible application within a targeted function or across functional boundaries
  • Sets the path towards a connected intelligence across the business

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