Our ev2 approach

execute, velocity, value

Successful transformations start with mutual alignment

We view our approach as a collaborative transformation—a “better together” methodology where we team with you to fully realize your business goals and embed our people every step on the way to achieving them.

When we engage with customers, we hear common themes:
  • “This team gets it. They get us. They get our business objectives. They get it done.”
  • “Aligned Automation studied our values and culture and seamlessly integrated into our environment. They work within our style.”
  • “You say we are ‘Better Together’ – and you’ve shown it in how we work.”

We love comments like this because at our core, this is what we do. We tackle and solve hard business problems together, and we’re committed to your continued success. Our people become a true extension of your team and work within your environment, bringing broad capabilities and innovative approaches to maximize your current IT investments.






We start with the desired outcome and co-develop our plan to drive measurable (and connected) value across the business.


We develop “Persona Inspired Transformation” by building digital and data solutions by, for, and around experience journeys.

Data Empowered

Everything centers around data. We add value by weaving together a data fabric across systems and business units by harnessing, connecting, and optimizing data to add value to the entire organization.

Technology Agnostic

With experts in all major platforms, tools, and applications, we work within your existing environment to maximizing your spent IT investment – maintaining scalability and flexibility. When the business outcome demands it, we tailor or bring in industry-leading partners.

Rapid Results

Utilizing our innovative, iterative approach empowers the business to quickly adjust, augment, and scale, thereby ensuring speed in achieving results.

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